He used to be a burglar, but found himself in a different business.
It began with him tying up one of his victims to rob her, only to have her rommate show up. He then would watch – from his hiding place, usually a closet with louvre slats – as she would tease, swetually torment and tickle the bound and gagged roomate.
It was not long after that messages began to appear on the internet, with subtle reference to what had happened. Apparently his victims, local college students, had begun to tell their friends about it.
Which is when he discovered a new source of imcome, much easieer and less hassle. No need to pawn the stolen items to make his money. In this, the roommate who hired him – today it was Polina – would leave the money for him. And the victim? Often he was sure that she knew nothing about it, that she thought it was a burglary, struggling and whimpering.
Like Jessica did today.

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