JJ Plush and Christina Carter all taped up, ball gagged and big breast tortured

big breast

big breast tortured

big breast jj plush

A man has ab-ducted JJ Plush and has taken her to his place. he drags her down into his basement and so she doesn’t run off he handcuffs and ankles her to a metal pole. He leaves JJ down there as he goes back upstair because he is expecting company. JJ starts making lots of noise hoping someone upstairs will hear her. Then she starts screaming loud and this causes the man to come back downstairs. Since he is going to have visitors, he can’t have JJ making noise. First he un-cuffs her and starts taping her hands with duct tape. Then as he starts wrapping more duct tape around JJ’s body, she gets even louder. It take him a little bit of time to get her completely taped up. Now he realizes that he needs to shut her up. So he stuffs a pair of panties in her mouth. Then he brings out a roll of medical tape and starts wrapping it around her face. Since her mouth is forced wide open by the panties, the tape goes between her teeth pushing the panties deeper into her mouth and almost down her throat. This almost causes JJ to choke. Shortly after the man leaves her, JJ hears people talking up stairs. Knowing help might be only yards away, she tries to cry out. But everytime she opens her mouth, the tape pushes the panties down her throat causing her to wretch. It doesn’t take JJ long to realize that her situation is hopeless and she soon tires out. Hours later, the guests have left and the man returns. Since there is no one within hearing distance, the man cuts the tape off and lets JJ spit the panties out. Now she can scream all she wants now because no one is going to hear her.

big breast chrisina carter

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