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Pole Tied In Basement

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Pole Tied In Basement.

Capture Forever

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Emma Hogtied And Mouth Stuffed

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Not A Good Sunday Morning

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She Looks Up Begging With Her Eyes To Please Be Untied

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She pulls at the rope binding her wrists and elbows tightly together behind her back and flexes her legs to see if she can work any slack in the ropes binding her ankles and knees together. The Hunter comes in and...

Dutch Girl Hard Tied On The Floor

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White Slave Captive

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White Slave Captive.

Her Cute Little Body Squirming Around On The Floor

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Andrea gets tape gagged and tied up nice and tight, with a chest harness holding her titties in place and her pretty blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail on the top of her head that she swings around as she strug...

The Drunk Hostage

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Milf Gigi Pole Tied Helplessly

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Milf Gigi Pole Tied Helplessly.

Latina MILF Kidnapped And Hogtied

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Pretty wife MJ has been k'dnapped and tied up tight in a garage. The then stuffs a large rag into her mouth and then seals her mouth shut with layers of duct tape. Once poor MJ is brutally gagged he rolls her ov...

String Bound And Held In Basement

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Welcome Home

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Redhead Denisa In Tight Hogtie

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Roped Up In A Cruel Strappado

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Sexy Kali in a silk dress, back seamed pantyhose and six inch stiletto boots stands in the lair with her arms cruelly tied behind her back. Her wrists are tethered to a hanging chain and hoisted up behind her ba...

Vanished On Vacation

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Jasmine is on vacation and traveling to a resort, or trying to; she gets lost, and just when she thinks things can't get any worse her car breaks down. She tries to call for help but the area is so remote she is...

Cuffed And Tethered By Her Elbows

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Cuffed And Tethered By Her Elbows.

Damsel In Duct Tape

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Damsel In Duct Tape.

She couldn’t escape from his basement in the tight hobble skirt

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Nyxon sits in a chair in the Hunter's basement with her arms tied brutally tight behind her back and a huge black ball gag stuffed in her mouth. He legs are not bound but she is wearing a super tight spandex hob...

Jenny struggles helplessly

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Jenny struggles helplessly

no way to escape

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no way to escape

Dixie upside down hogtied

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Curvy neighborhood girl strung up for titty abuse

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Sexy big breasted Chantel is tied up in the Hunter's basement. Her arms are bound brutally tight behind her back with her elbows crushed completely together. Her wrists are attached to an overhead eyebolt and pu...

chair tied damsel in distress

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Destiny sits in a chair in the Hunter's basement helplessly bound and gagged. Her arms are fused completely together behind her back with ropes and her curvy legs are tightly bound and pulled up under the chair ...

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