Beautiful Miranda works as a reporter for the Daily Bustle, but leads a double-life as she is also the might superheroine known as Super Guardian! In her latest investigation she is looking into some disappearances and strange noises surrounding an isolated place the locals call ‘The Devil’s Shack’ (locals always have the funniest names for things!). She has to hide her secret identity and snoops around when she is bonked from behind and pretends to be incapacitated. Tied up securely she bides her time as she waits to meet the person behind all the mayhem, but while she waits she does do some very sexy struggling! In walks the Mad Scientist (he prefers the Scientist and really hates being called mad for some reason!) and she realizes this is a supervillain issue and will have to assume her secret identity soon. She hears him out and even allows him to grope her while learning about his plans. When she doesn’t cooperate he handgags and molests her big tits for a while before ballgagging her into silence. What’s more he tells her that he’s really looking to capture Super Guardian and knows that he can defeat with something in his hand which he shows Miranda, Cryptonium! Seeing as how she’s Super Guardian the proximity of the radioactive object weakens her to the point that when she is left to struggle she really is trying to escape without her powers! This offers a fun opportunity to check her out in closeup and soak in her bound and gagged hotness. Eventually though her powers return and she then easily gets out of the ropes and finally removes the ballgag as well and declares that she’ll be taking down Mad Scientist once and for all (or something along those lines)!

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