Summer Cummings very big tits milf bondage kidnapped

summer cummings

summer cummings bondage kidnapped

Summer Cummings has been carjacked and tied up in the back seat of her mini van. As she struggles to get loose and whimpers through the gag, her great big tits find their way out of her bra.

A man backs a Mini Van into his garage. When he opens the rear door, there are 2 girls(Summer Cummings and Paige Richards) bound and gagged in the cargo area. The girls were kdnapped from the mall and brought back to be held captive in his garage. They struggle to try to free each other, but they are tied tight and neither one of them will be going anywhere soon. The video ends with the man taking paige away with him and leaving Summer to struggle bound and gagged with her big tits out.

When they broke in, they didn’t expect the lady of the house to be home. But now that they had her, they had to do something with her. The video begins with Summer Cummings all tied up and getting gagged in her garage. As she struggles on the concrete floor, her blouse and bra will strain to hold her very big tits in. Later the bad guys solve that problem by opening her blouse and pulling her bra down. Several hours later, her husband will come home to find his wife hogtied and gagged with her big boobs out.

In order to pull off the heist, Paige needed to snatch the store owner to get her keys. The video begins with Summer tied up in her bra and girdle. After getting all the information she needs, Paige decides its time to shut her up. Summer tries to protest, but Paige stuffs and ties a scarf in her mouth to gag her. Then after leaving Summer to struggle for a while. Paige comes back and pulls her bra down. Summer is furious as is left hogtied gagged and bouncing her big tits up and down as she struggles to get loose.

Summer Cummings

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