A man has grabbed Summer. But some how she has escaped from the trunk of his car and has found a house. Still gagged and with her hands tied, she pounds on a door. But no one answers. Then she finds a cell phone and she tries to call for help. But there is poor cell phone reception and she is cut off. Then all of a sudden, the man who grabbed her, finds her hiding behind an abandoned car. This time, he is going to make sureSummer does not escape. Using more rope, he re-ties her. This time tighter and with her hands behind her back. He also gags her again. This time with her mouth stuffed and taped tight. Once he has her tied up helpless, he lifts her over his shoulder and carries her away to a place in the trees where she will be well hidden while he goes back to get his car. There he hogties her with a crotch rope. And, to punish her for trying to escape, he pulls her blouse open. He then leaves her bouncing her big tits in the dirt as she struggles bound and gagged.

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