Amo showed up for a casual date in her fishnets, heels and a stunning red dress. The tall and leggy beauty soon found herself tightly tied and struggling on the bed. For long minutes she wiggles until a man enters to fondle her, spank her and add to her discomfort. Later she has been stripped down to only stockings and heels. She wears a ton of rope and is folded tightly forward in a severe reverse prayer arm tie. She can do little more than moan and drool all over her stockings. Her humiliation is only just beginning though. We next find her rigidly pinned to a chair with her ankles painfully pulled up and knees spread. A hitachi vibrator set on high is jammed into her pubic area and vibrates the hell out of her. She moans, shivers, sweats, trembles and orgasms so many times she loses count. At one point she got so loud he had to tightly tape her face to keep from drawing too much attention. In the end he decided to go grab a drink at the bar and left her in the room alone to continue orgasming her brains out!

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