Spoiled rich coed Carissa Montgomery has had her last chance to get her grade point average up before her daddy pulls her out of school and makes her join the military. But she wouldn’t give up her partying ways and now she is failing history. But she has a plan and goes to visit her professor, Vanessa Villa, in hopes she can convince her to change her grade. But Prof. Villa refused to change the grade dispite Carissa’s begging, threatening and bribes. So Carissa turns to plan B. She pulls out a knife, some rags and rope and forces her sexy professor to gag herself with one of the rags stuffing into her mouth. Then orders her to tie the other rag over the packing and around her head. Vanessa complies not wanting the screwy coed to lose control and her. Then Carissa tosses her some rope and orders her to tie her ankles and knees together. Vanessa ties the rope around her legs all the while trying to talk Carissa out of her nutty plan through her gag. But Carissa isn’t listening and after Vanessa finishes tying her own legs Carissa forces her to put her hands under her legs down near her ankle and cross her wrists. Carissa then ties Vanessa’s wrists together under her legs and attaches her wrists to her bound ankles. She then reties the gag extra tight and leaves telling Vanessa that she had already slept with the associate professor who will administer the test the next day and will be getting her A after all. She leaves Professor Villa struggling on the floor bound, gagged and helpless.

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