Christina has been caught spying. Now they have her tied up and want to know who she is working for. Christina refuses to tell them and now they need to figure out their method of interrogation to make her talk. But for now, she needs to be shut up. The enemy spy stuffs a pair of panties in her mouth and then ties a rag over her packed mouth to gag her. Christina is left to struggle in the chair. She tied tight with rope around her elbows, chest and waist making it very difficult to move. With her arms pulled and tied back, her chest is forced forward causing her big boobs to put a strain on the zipper of her tight blouse. Christina has been trained in escape techniques and she works her way off of the chair. She gives little thought that her struggling has caused her short skirt to rise, giving us a view of her panties under her white girdle. Christina rolls around on the floor trying to find a loose knot. Unfortunately her captor is well trained also, and has tied her so well, there is no escape. The video ends with Christina now hogtied on the floor. Her blouse has been opened and her bra is pulled down to expose her very large boobs.

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