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Carissa Was Taken!!!

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Horny Bondage Game

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Getaway Guest House

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Kemper Duct Taped And Fondled

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Kemper outdoes herself in this video, getting gagged with a few pieces of sticky duct tape, tied up tightly with her wrists behind her back, and getting fondled, groped and tickled by her captor who take a lot of ...

Constant Prisoner

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Jasmine arrives home to find someone in her house. At first she thinks it is a burglar but the man seems in no hurry to leave. Instead, he seems totally focused on her. Despite her protests, he makes her strip dow...

More Tapes To Shut Her Up

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Tits In Bondage

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Cordelia Sabine kidnapped, chair tied and tits bondage.

Charlotte Hopping And Groped

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We tied her up pretty well too, with her wrists bound behind her back and her calves and ankles pinned together. And we covered her mouth with several pieces of sticky tape. About half-way through this video, Char...

Vanished On Vacation

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Jasmine is on vacation and traveling to a resort, or trying to; she gets lost, and just when she thinks things can't get any worse her car breaks down. She tries to call for help but the area is so remote she is...

Chatty Secretary Mo Rina Bound and Gagged

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This ditzy blonde was not hired for her secretarial skills, but rather for her curvy figure and the sexy outfits she wears. As the clip begins, we see Mo all tied up on her office chair. She looks stunning in he...

Alexsandria kidnapped

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Alexsandria kidnapped, chair tied and molested by a pervert.

highest bidder

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Hannah has been snatched and is to be sold to one of a group of interested buyers, whichever one turns out to be the highest bidder. We join the action as Dave and Raimondo arrive at the house with Hannah bound ...

dumb detectives

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coming home to bondage

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the bad temp

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tape bound to chair and ball gagged

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curvy brunette sold as sex slave

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pink dress lady in trouble

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home alone teen chair tied and molested

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naked chair bound starlet

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Riley Jane casino interrogating

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Ovara chair tied

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cute blonde babe abducted

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Sahrye casino gag interrogation

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