Roommates Ashley Renee and Sandra Silvers were just about ready to leave for work when they were the victims of a home invasion! Dressed in their miniskirts, blouses, pantyhose and heels, and with their elbows and hands tied behind them and both tapegagged, (on screen) they are led into the kitchen, and unceremoniously placed on the floor. Their attacker returns with more rope to tie their ankles and knees! He leaves them to struggle as he ransacks the place taking all the good stuff. Before he leaves, he can’t help but notice our two damsels writhing on the floor and decides to take a better look at the two lovelies. He opens their shirts and blouses revealing their beautiful boobs. How humiliating! He takes his bag of ill-gotten goods and is on his way, leaving Ashley and Sandra to free themselves if they can. They try to remove each other’s gags and untie each other.

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