Mercedes Delane cute babysitter bound and gagged

mercedes delane

mercedes delane bondage

Hot, Gorgeous LA Fashion Model Mercedes Delane is right before you, tightly bound and gagged in another great scene from DW-21, Bound Babysitters!! Mercedes is talking to her girlfriend curled up on the couch as she babysits…..but, the are not happy about having a “Babysitter”…..and they soon trick Mercedes into playing a little “game” with them……Mercedes is a bit naive so she goes along with it…..but before she knows it she is TIGHTLY BOUND UP with LOTS Of rope…..Mercedes tells the that “its ok, its a fun game, you won!!”…….but, she sees them approach her with a dirty sock and she screams at them to NOT GAG ME!!! Before you know it Mercedes BIG, HUGE SEXY MOUTH is crammed full and taped tight…….she is HOPPING MAD and squirms, wriggles, bitches, and trys to threaten her way out but its no use…….she remains TIGHTLY BOUND and gagged until the father returns…..Mercedes has cute feet you will get a peep at in her high heels……a high energy scene you don’t want to miss……

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