This girl is exclusive to us. You won’t find her anywhere else. She’s got long, blonde hair, the nicest tits you’ve ever seen, and a great pair of legs. Watch her captors stuff a cloth into her gaping mouth, then seal it shut with several pieces of sticky tape. She’s in a pair of high heels, pantyhose, a miniskirt and a tight sweater. Her male captor hops her over to a bed and makes her sit on his lap. Then the fun begins. He gets so horny looking at this hot blonde tied up that he can’t help himself and pulls up her top and starts pinching and fondling her big boobs. Then he brings her down to the ground, her skirt riding up her ass showing off her panties, and continues to grope her sweet body. Maya struggles like crazy and tries to get free but is held back by a tight chest harness and rope holding her legs together in several places.

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