Busty Derek SynKlaire is pushed to the floor of the old warehouse. The brutally tight coarse hemp ropes binding her arms painfully behind her back contrast with her sequined blue cocktail dress. Her mouth is packed full with a huge rag and another torn rag is wrapped around her head stifling her cries. The ties her ankles and knees tightly together with more of the brutal rope. He then unties the gag and pulls the wadding out of her mouth. Clamping his hand over her mouth he calls her daddy with her cell phone. He puts the phone to her mouth and Derek screams and cries begging for help. He clamps his hand back over her mouth and makes his demands and hangs up. He then regags Derek with the rags and then to insure she can’t get the gag off he wraps duct tape around her mouth and head. He then leaves the poor girl there alone and frightened in the warehouse. Derek looks aound in disbelief and struggles in the ropes. But she realizes that she isn’t going to get free. She then tries to crawl away hopefully she can find something in the warehouse to cut herself free with. But she doesn’t get too far before she is totally exhausted. The ropes cut deep into her flesh rubbing her raw as she rolls over onto the dirty floor in despair and frustration.

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