Sexy pinup girl Nyxon lays strapped down to a table. Leather straps cross her chest, hips and knees holding her down. Her arms are crossed and bound over her head with rope and her ankles are tied together with more rope. A ball gag is strapped between her teeth. She struggles to move but she is too tightly tied. Her best friend Lola Lynn walks in and Nyxon thinks she is there to free her. But instead of freeing her Lola has an evil smile on her face, Nyxon knows that smile well and screams into her gag. Lola apoligizes but says she is being forced to do this as she digs her fingers into Nyxon’s ribs and belly. Nyxon screams in horror and anger and struggles violently on the tabletop. But she is helpless as Lola continues to tickle her friend. Her arm pits are exposed and Lola goes for them, Nyxon screams, curses, laughs and begs as Lola continues to torture her friend. But when Lola flips off her high heels pumps Nyxon really goes crazy. But there is nothing she can do as Lola goes after the soles of her stocking covered feet.

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