Eva Karera sexy thief tied up, tape gagged and humiliated.

eva karera

eva karera bondage

Eva Karera is a sexy thief whose partner has turned on her (must be for something really valuable or he just wanted to tie her up, the kinky SOB!) and we see her in her knocked out state getting stripped as her panties and bra are removed to reveal her big breasts, which get fondled quickly. Next, she is seen already tied up with rope all over her luscious body as her ex-partner comes over when she wakes and handgags her mouth while groping her body ALL OVER. He waves her panties in front of her as she fears the worst before they are shoved into her mouth and tape is put over her lips and wrapped around her head to keep her quiet. More fondling happens before her partner leaves her to secure HIS loot as she is left to struggle. She immediately gets into an energetic struggle as she tries to get away after trying the bonds and finding that prospect pointless. She manages to get to her feet very unsteadily and hops for a bit (while we get to check out perfect large tits bouncing up and down) before tiring as the ropes confine her movement and she gets back down on the ground. She rolls around and then makes for the door, moving steadily on the ground until she gets to the door and she swings her feet up to get the door open, but the task looks tough, maybe too tough!

Eva Karera bondage

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