Nyxon sits in a chair in the Hunter’s basement with her arms tied brutally tight behind her back and a huge black ball gag stuffed in her mouth. He legs are not bound but she is wearing a super tight spandex hobble skirt that goes down to just above her ankles restricting how far she can spread her legs. She doesn’t know when the Hunter plans on returning and decides she is going to try to escape the basement before he come back. She struggles to her feet and taking tiny step she crosses over to the stairs. But when she reaches the other side of the basement she realizes that the tight hobble skirt prevents her from lifting her foot high enough to reach the first step. Nyxon struggles to lift her foot holding onto a nearby post for support but no matter how she tries it she just can’t get her foot high enough for the first step. Frustrated she decides to go back to her chair to rest and reaccess her situation. But before she can reach the chair the Hunter comes down. He isn’t very pleased with her walking around so decides to really restrict her travels. He ties her wrists to another rope and runs the end of the rope up through an overhead eyebolt. He lift her wrists up high behind her back in a super strict strappado. After tying off the ropes he goes to get more rope. When her returns he ties her ankles tightly together and leaves poor Nyxon dangling by her wrists in the tight strappado.

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