Chloe tied to bed, stripped and fucked hard

fucked hard

bondage fucked hard

Chloe is in her bedroom wearing a dress, pantyhose and heels when Sergio barges in with a gun and a mission. Chloe’s the girlfriend of rival gang member, Isaac. Sergio plans to get back at Sergio by forcing himself on Chloe. He holds Chloe up with a gun, then pushes her onto the bed. Her arms are tied spread and to the bedposts. Then her dress is cut off of her and her panties cut to expose her shorn pussy. Chloe begs and pleads Sergio to stop, but instead he just shoves a wadded rag into her mouth and wraps a big scarf around her head to shut her up. Then he binds her panty-clad ankles together, one shoe falling off as he does so, and gets ready to fuck the helplessly bound and gagged Chloe. Chloe is fucked hard while she writhes and moans. Finally, Sergio cums and shoots his load all over Chloe’s stomach!

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