Hot blond head cheerleader Carissa has been k’dnapped by the deranged mother of one of the girl’s she humilated at the snooty prep school she attended. Kelliann leads the poor girl by the hair through the old warehouse. Carissa’s arms are tightly tied behind her back and duct tape seals her mouth shut. Kelliann leads Carissa into a side room were she finds two other members of her squad, Katy Love and Cocoa, laying on the floor, tightly bound, gagged and hogtied. The girls look like they had been there for a while as Kelliann shoves Carissa to the floor. Cocoa and Katy start crying into their gags as Kelliann grabs more rope and ties Carissa’s ankles together before pulling her legs up and attaches her bound ankles to her bound wrists for a tight hogtie. Kelliann get up and starts berating the girls, seems that the three of them had no only cut Kelliann’s daughter from the squad but they also bullied and humilated her. Kelliann decided to teach the haughty cheerleaders a lesson. As she berates and tauts her helpless captives Katy has found the knot holding her hogtied and tries to escape. But Kelliann catchs her and reties her tighter this time. The three of them cry and beg for mercy into their gags but Kelliann isn’t in a mericiful mood and leaves the three of them to fend for themselves rolling around on the floor helpless and hogtied.

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