Sexy MILF Gigi sits on an old wooden pallet in the old abandoned factory. Her arms are fused painfully together behind her back with nylon zipties. More of the hard nylon ties are clamped around her knees, ankles and feet. An old rag has been stuffed into her mouth and another nylon ziptie is pulled between her lips and tightened around her head. She struggles on the old pallet pulling at helplessly at her brutally tight restraints but there is no escape. She struggles so hard she falls off the pallet and onto the hard dirty concrete floor falling hard onto her side. Gigi rolls around on the dirty floor getting filthy dirty with her silk dress riding up her hips. She does finally manage to sit up but by then the Hunter returns. He pushes Gigi back over onto her belly and grabs another ziptie. This ties is run between the tie at her elbows and then between her bound ankles. He pulls her leg up into a tight helpless hogtie. He leaves the poor hapless MILF helpless and alone rolling around on the cold, hard, filthy floor.

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