Ashley Graham bound and gagged in the closet

bound and gagged

ashley graham bound and gagged

A man carries Ashley into a room kicking and fighting over his shoulder. ” What are you going to do with me!” she demands to know. When he tells her that he is going to lock her in the closet, she begs him not to.”Tie me up instead” Ashley begs him. She tells him that she likes being tied up. So he gives her what she wants and she is soon tied up tight with rope. “Now gag me so I cannot scream” Ashley asks him. A short time later, her mouth is stuffed full of panties and a rag is tied between her teeth. But then things stop being fun for Ashley when the man locks her in the closet anyways. Hating being in the dark alone, Ashley moans and whimpers as she struggles bound and gagged in the closet. After the man no longer needs to keep Ashley, he returns to take her out of the closet. But when he removes the gag, Ashley tells him that she wants to stay and begs him to gag her again. She tells him to take her clothes off and tie her tighter so she can get herself worked up for him to come back later and have some fun with her.

Ashley Graham bound and gagged

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