Sexy Kali is tightly bound kneeling against a post. Her arms are cruelly bound behind her back with coarse hemp ropes and pulled up high to the post. Her ankles are tied behind the post wearing white ankle socks and pink high heels. A large ball gag is strapped between her teeth. Sexy Betty Jaded walks in wearing stiletto boots and tight mini skirt and satin blouse. She pulls up a stool and caresses her bound captive. She removes Kali’s ball gag and tells her that her boots are dirty and need to me clean. She lifts her booted feet up to Kali’s willing mouth and allows the bound girl to lick and suck her boots clean. Then Betty pulls down the zippers on the boots and has Kali pull the boots off her feet using her teeth. She then has Kali lick and kiss the soles of her stocking feet. She regags Kali and leaves the boots under her face leaving Kali bound on her knees.

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