Sexy blond Carissa Montgomery lies on an inclined bench with her arms bound cruelly together behind her back and draped over a bar and her wrists tied to the bottom of the bar. Her ankles are tied to the sides of the bench and a large red ball gag is stuffed into her mouth. Her huge tits stretch the satin fabric of her tight crop top. She moans into her gag trying to get comfortable in her bondage waiting for the Hunter to return not knowing what sort of torment he has in store for her. He finally comes back and pulls open her blouse and plays with her tits. Then she watches in horror as he attaches heavy clover clamps to each of her nipples. She groans in pain as each clamp is afixed to each nipple. She shakes her head as the then ties a rope to the chain between each nipple and then runs the rope between her legs and attaches the end of it to the rope restraining her ankles. He pulls her feet up so that only her toes are on the floor and ties the rope off. Now Carissa is forced to keep her legs bent with no leverage. The soles of her high heel sandals slip on the carpet so she has to fight and strain to keep her legs bent or the nipple clamps pull painfully tight at her poor tits. Every second seems an eternity as she fights to keep her legs bent.

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